TAVR Surveillance With Early Bird® Bleed Monitoring System

Philippe Généreux, MD – Morristown Medical Center


The Early Bird Bleed Monitoring System detects internal bleeding complications, enabling physicians to mitigate downstream consequences by immediately addressing the bleed.


  • 73-year-old female, obese (BMI 40), chronic steroids use
  • Transfemoral Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
  • Medtronic EVOLUTTM PRO 29mm (16F) in right femoral artery
  • Saranas Early Bird Bleed Monitoring System (6F) in ipsilateral vein for post- procedure surveillance


  • Once valve was deployed and large-bore catheter removed, immediate Level 1 notification on Early Bird Bleed Monitoring System.
  • Bleeding in iliac artery confirmed by angiography and retroperitoneal bleed confirmed by CT.
  • Immediate balloon tamponade performed prior to closure.
  • No transfusions were required. Patient was discharged on day 3.

Discussion Points

The Early Bird Bleed Monitoring System allowed for the early detection and intervention to prevent a retroperitoneal bleed from progressing during TAVR procedure.

Post- procedure monitoring in the hours following closure confirmed there was no further progression of the bleed.