Saranas was the winner in the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention category and iPill Dispenser was the winner in the Telehealth and Virtual Visits category of ACC’s Third Annual Innovation Challenge.

Saranas, Inc., developer of the Early Bird® Bleed Monitoring System for the monitoring and early detection of internal bleed complications during endovascular procedures, announced the online publication of two peer-reviewed articles highlighting the system’s accuracy and performance. The publications provide evidence of the Early Bird’s reliability to detect the early onset and progression of bleeding events during endovascular procedures.

Houston’s startup ecosystem has scaled fast and big this year. Houston has more than 3,000 technology startups that bring an innovative approach in their respective field.

Recognized for its ability to avoid pain, scarring, and long recovery times, minimally invasive vascular access procedures (VAP) continues to gain popularity year over year. That said, VAP does have inherent risks, with patients in nearly 20 percent of cases seeing at least some negative impact related to bleeding. Saranas is a Texas-based company that is focused on minimizing these risks by providing early detection and monitoring of internal bleeding complications via bioimpedance measurements.

Now, I will show how you can balance clinical and entrepreneurial efforts. First, let’s dispense with the 800-pound gorilla lurking in the corner: Unless you are overwhelmed with a constant flurry of real game-changing ideas — and let me assure you are not regardless of any contrary conviction— the worst thing you can do is to abandon or significantly curtail your clinical practice.If you became a physician for any reason other than improving your parents’ conditions you should stop reading now because this article isn’t written for you. The term “balance” makes clear enough that this is for those entrepreneurs who are determined to continue their clinical practice.

angelMD announced the closure of a new syndicate investment in Saranas, a promising new medical device startup. Dan Parsley, angelMD’s SVP of Corporate Development, served as the syndicate leader for this first investment in Saranas by angelMD members, and this angelMD syndicate is part of Saranas’ recently announced $4 million Series B financing round.

In this retrospective cohort study of 17 672 consecutive patients who underwent a transcatheter aortic valve replacement, endovascular aneurysm repair, or percutaneous left ventricular assist device implant, 18% experienced bleeding complications. Patients with bleeding complications (compared with those without) had increased in-hospital mortality, length of stay, and health care cost.

Houstonians have been lauding the city’s economic diversity for months as the Bayou City has continued to feel the effects of low oil prices. Specifically, business leaders and economists have pointed to the health care and biotech industries as the lifeboat for the city’s downturn.