Bleeding Happens,
Complications Don’t Have To

The Early Bird® Bleed Monitoring System provides accurate and actionable bleed detection, enabling effective intervention before the patient shows symptoms or recovery is impacted.

Monitor With Confidence At 100% Sensitivity And 100% Specificity*


*Genereux P et al. Safety and Accuracy of a Novel Bioimpedance System for Real-Time Detection and Monitoring of Endovascular Procedure-Related Bleeding in a Porcine Model. J Invasive Cardiol.

High Concordance with CT,
the Gold Standard

Practical experience during our clinical pilot demonstrated that the bleeds and levels identified by the Early Bird Bleed Monitoring System were consistent with those found in post-procedural computerized tomography (CT).

Cohen's Kappa strength of agreement = 0.84 (almost perfect).

*Genereux P et al. First-in-Human Study of the Saranas Early Bird® Bleed Monitoring System for the Detection of Endovascular Procedure-Related Bleeding Events. J Invasive Cardiol.


Integrates into your
standard workflow

From complex and/or large-bore procedures to standard PCI, Early Bird integrates seamlessly into your standard workflow. Replace a standard working sheath with Early Bird for intra-procedural monitoring during PCIs. For peri and post-procedural bleed detection, place Early Bird in the femoral vein for monitoring during large-bore procedures and sustained monitoring in the hours following closure.


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