Early Birdâ„¢ Bleed Monitoring System

Improving patient outcomes through early
detection and monitoring
of internal bleed complications

Each year, over 20 million patients in the US require vascular access procedures. Of those, 1 million experience life-threatening bleeding complications.

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Lower costs for
patients & providers

Vascular access procedures are on the rise, resulting in additional complications & healthcare expenditures.

With healthcare costs under increasing public scrutiny, hospitals are unlikely to receive additional reimbursement for these procedures.


Saranas' technology allows for rapid detection and monitoring of bleeding complications, enabling physicians to mitigate the downstream consequences.


The Saranas system is setup for seamless integration into a physician's current workflow.

Actionable alerts allow for clinical intervention that feels like & works like the current standard of care.

Cutting-edge technology

The system is comprised of a endovascular sheath embedded with an array of electrodes. These electrodes measure the difference in electrical resistance across the vessel.